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Wall Radiators


Wall radiators are heating units and are installed in or attached directly to a wall. They are commonly used in studio apartments, small living spaces, and smaller offices. This is because this type of radiator can generate a good amount of heat suitable for keeping small areas warm. And they don’t take valuable floor space which is what their major pro is.

One of the hard to make decisions for property developers and homeowners is how to heat a compact living space. Wall-mounted radiators are the obvious solution to this dilemma.

3 Benefits of Wall Radiator Heaters

  1. They require lesser maintenance.
    Wall heaters or radiators require less maintenance than many other types of radiators. They don’t contain any fuels that need replacing, and the ventilation does not compromise warmth.
  2. They are safe to use.
    Many portable radiator heaters come equipped with a tilt sensor. This cuts the power if a radiator heater is unbalanced or knocked on its side. Wall radiators retain heat will, which makes them ideal for extended. They don’t emit any harmful odors, gases or chemicals when used. Many gas heaters require ventilation to be installed, but wall radiators don’t.
  3. Wall radiators are easy to program and use.
    You will have complete control over each wall radiator that you have mounted. Its temperature, its schedule, and when it comes off and on. This type of radiator is easy to program to your desired settings.

How to maximize usage of Wall Radiators

If you have a wall radiator, it is possible that you may be losing some of the heat produced. This is true especially when your exterior wall has poor insulation or has drafty windows or doors nearby. One thing you can do to prevent heat loss is to add your own heat-resistant insulation directly behind the radiator. You can use a sheet of foam with aluminum on one side. This will work great. You can also make your own with tin foil and insulation by buying a pre-made sheet at your local hardware store.


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