Daily Backups


What is the feeeling like of an attack on your website. What if you lose a years Work. It used to be that only banks and governments were attacked. Now everyone gets attacked. But Now you can have the great feeling of being attacked and just rebooting, change passwords, reload website and. Do a security check. Only possible with daily backups. You may have never been attacked before, doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future.

Plugin Updates


Plugins are what make your website work. All the cool functionality. In order to keep your site secure, they need to be updated to the latest version. Updates will be done every week for you. We look after everything and send a report. No work on your end..

Security Updates


As more and more Chinese and Russian hackers play to improve their hacking skills. Website owners need to constantly improve security and update their security. We will look after all your security updates to make sure you feel protected and secure.

Performance Monitoring


Google is constantly monitoring your website to see if you are giving a good experience to the visitors they send you. You need to take control of your website profermance. We will constantly monitor this and improve it.

Uptime Monitoring


All servers go down from time to time & get restarted. That is normal, but it is useful to monitor your server uptime to ensure your downtime doesn’t effect your google ranking or user experience.

Weekly Reports


To ensure you are fully informed and can make good decisions, we send weekly reports on your website security and performance.



Blogging helps SEO

Blogging helps online reputation

Blogs are a great place to keep a permanent record of promotions, product lines and product information

We create high quality shareable blogs for you every week

Google Analytics


In order to make good decisions you need good information. We create your google analytics property and setup your KPI's to track.

Facebook Posting


Your products need to be on Facebook, people are searching for you and your products and product information. Let’s make sure they find you.

Instagram Posting


Instagram is where you put all your most beautiful product images. Be amazing with our Instagram posting.

Google My Business


Any business with a physical address or showroom needs Google My Business. We create your property and send monthly reports.

Pinterest Posting


Everybody loves Pinterest! Pinterest is also an amazing place to get leads to click out to your landing pages or website to build new leads. We ensure your best products are on Pinterest, so users can save them to their wish lists and click out to your website. So Pinterest can (with your help), make their home beautiful.