What are Make Your home beautiful‘s hours of business.


We work in the GMT time zone, as we are based in Ireland. Our hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm. You can contact us at any time through WhatsApp messenger or by email.

How much is the service?


The service is €690 each month, or €990 each month with a face-to-face meeting each month, this is the comparable to hiring a full-time digital marketing manager which is going to cost a, somewhere between €3,000 and €5,000 per month. The only thing that this low monthly charge doesn’t cover, is any add spend you spend with Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or other social platforms. You pay for advertising directly, but the monthly charge includes everything that we do. There are no hidden charges. 

That means having an expert in your industry on your team and saving you up to €4,000 every month.

What will you look after for a business?


We look after all your social, this means Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube if necessary. We also look after the security of your website, this means putting your website on a secure server, making sure your website is in a content delivery network, will use cloud flare. We make sure your website is backed up daily, this insures that any attacks and issues with the website they can be restored quickly and securely. We also look after is it to security of the website and any plug-ins that make your website work. It is vital that all aspects of the website are kept up to date and are the latest versions, so that your website is secure and less prone to attack. We look after that for you too. Anything your digital marketing manager would do for you, we will do, plus lots more.

That means having an expert in your industry on your team and saving you up to €4,000 every month.

We also look after your digital strategy from social media and blogging, we track your Google rankings and we will build funnels on your website, so you can turn visitors into customers.

The longer you work with us and the more we know your company, the better the digital strategies will be and the more money you have the potential to make.

Who is make a home beautiful for?


We only work with companies to help women make the whole beautiful. So if you are a radiator company, if you sell lines of shutters, if you make garden is beautiful, if you sell furniture, if you put in double glaze windows, we can work with you. We want to be the expert in this industry, so unfortunately we don’t work with anybody who is not in a similar Industry. If you’re not in the beautiful home in history, there is plenty of other companies that will work with you. But not us!

How do I manage my requests?


We have a WhatsApp group set up just for you. We find this is easiest way of communication which is instant, and even if an idea comes to you at 3 o’clock in the morning, you can let us know, without waking us up. You can also log into your personal Trello board, as we are an agile team, and you will have a phone call meeting with your personal digital manager every week. This is an hour long call where we will go through every aspect of your digital marketing and the next step‘s.

We have a digital and social system that we run through with you, which means you are magically running the latest social strategies and digital strategies to make your business successful and bring you in new clients.

How does the fee free trial work?


There is no charge for 10 working days, during that time we will set up your Pinterest page, we will set up your Facebook page and your Instagram page, we will also start your posting and secure your website. If it’s not the right fit for you, you will not be billed. Just let us know if it’s not working. You get billed after 10 working days, and from that point forward there is a low monthly fee, for all your social, for all your digital marketing, for all the ideas we bring, and keep your website fast and secure. You will have an account manager, who will call you every week to get feedback and see how we can improve our service to you. We work and agile basis, which means system improvements and it also means that our service gets better every single week and, especially as we get to know your company better. If the service is not right for you, there is no hard feelings, all we ask is that you give us some feedback on how we can improve for the future. Free trials are limited, only because we get a lot of requests, and cannot for fill every one. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you get your two week free trial but cannot guarantee it to everybody.

Where are you based?


Our team is based in Dublin, in Ireland. Our main client base is in Ireland, but we work with people in UK and all around the world. Your digital marketing manager will be close to your office, which means we can drop in if necessary, or you can call us on a local number 01 515 5151.

All websites we manage we keep on Irish servers for reasons of helping with Google ranking, but we use also services that are outside Ireland (were appropriate), for example CloudFlare and Big Stock Photo and others.