Column Radiators


What are Column Radiators?

Column radiators are great radiators to use at home because they are light and practical. It also has a classic look that will fit right into your home’s design. There’s a lot of benefits you can get when you choose this kind of radiator. It is versatile and is compatible with all domestic central heating system.

A column radiator is suitable for vertical and horizontal installation. And it will plumb into your existing pipes, too. The term “column” refers to the long tubes used to make up each section of the radiator.

This style has previously fallen out of fashion though. But people have fallen in love with it again because it blends well with the modern and period styled homes.

As for the heating out, it is quite highly efficient. There are many choices to choose from, too, from having two or three column radiators. This provides a greater surface area for heating to be well distributed.

Column radiators may look similar to cast iron radiators but they’re different. Column radiators are constructed from mild steel with a high-quality white powder coat finish making them light yet very durable.


  • Column radiators are perfect for large and high-ceilinged spaces that need a lot of heat. They have a larger surface area than panel radiators which means they give off more heat.
  • They can be either in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • They come in various models and colors.
  • It can fit underneath windows.

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