Double Radiators


When purchasing a standard radiator, you are often given a choice of a single panel or double panel radiators. The ‘panel’ is a long wall of metal which are filled with water and increase in temperature to emit heat around your room. The longer the panel, the more surface area there is for the radiator to emit heat. Double radiators, therefore, will give off more heat as the total surface area is greater.

Heat output is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) or Watts. Any reputable retailer will display these figures on their websites to enable you to have an accurate heat output comparison of the different types of radiators they have

Benefits of double panel radiators

Panel radiators are modern, simple and elegant. And they are often very efficient. This kind of radiator appeals more to those who have contemporary houses.

Although the new designs cost a little bit higher, some double radiators can be cheaper and more efficient to run than the more “traditional” radiators. This makes them a more convenient alternative than other radiators of a different style.

Compared to traditional models, these double radiators with their cleverly designed heat exchangers have greater surface areas to help give off the maximum heat. Which means that they will work well at lower water temperatures. And they will also consequently provide a small saving on your energy bills. Another advantage is that they’ll heat the room in a shorter amount of time.


The main thing that you can benefit from these radiators is with space and positioning. They are often slender and this gives them greater flexibility in rooms that have limited space. And this does not compromise their efficiency. They can also be hung on the wall to save floor space if that’s what you want.

Double radiators come in a variety of sizes and designs. You will surely find something that will perfectly suit your home’s design.