Convector Radiators


What are Convector Radiators

Convector radiators are becoming so popular in homes that have modern interiors. It is due to their excellent efficiency and their heating speed capacity. This type of radiator warms the surrounding air by circulating hot water through a tube. This tube is surrounded by small fins and these fins conduct the heat from the central tube. This results in a larger surface area and more contact with the surrounding air. This then increases the speed with which the heat transfer takes place. The hot air rises from the radiator and the cooler air is drawn into the unit from the sides. This process is called “convective heating”, hence the name of the radiator.

There are a number of benefits you can get when you choose to have a convector radiator. Because of the increased contact area and the way the air flows, the convector warms a room quicker than your traditional radiators. This feature is very useful during winter time. It also has the added benefit of saving money as there is no need to leave your heating active for longer than necessary.

The traditional and regular radiators require a larger surface in order to heat a room. Convector radiators can achieve the same results in a much smaller unit. This helps you save space and opens up a wide range of interior design ideas.

There are many available convector radiator designs. Some are sleek and stylish, some are smaller than the typical size. Convectors can be incorporated into a larger variety of locations. It can be installed directly on the floor, unlike other radiators. This is perfect for rooms that don’t have a lot of wall space.

Why do convector radiators heat the room quicker?

Convector radiators are different from panel radiators because of the addition of ‘convecting fins’ on the back of the radiator. These fins greatly increase the surface area that colder air can come into contact with and pick up the heat.

Convector radiators aren’t as warm to the touch which makes them safe for homes with children. Convectors can be hidden from sight and left to perform their function without interference.

There is a downside though. Convectors currently don’t have as long a lifespan as radiant heaters and are more costly. But their speed at heating a room and their lower energy requirements balance this out. This will depend on whether you prefer better efficiency and heating in the shorter term or the durability of a radiator. For a modern radiator that will warm your home quickly and thoroughly, convector heaters are currently the popular choice.

The flexibility of the convector technology is unquestioned, wall-mounted, floor-bound, hidden away beneath a large window, behind the sofa; it is so compact you can fit it just about anywhere and it is powerful enough to warm your room quickly and effectively even if it is not installed in the best possible place. You might be surprised just how suited for your need convector radiators could be.

Despite their benefits, the method of heating the air means there is some potential for convectors to be less hygienic than radiant heaters. The constant circulation of air is heated by an element that might be unclean and sometimes encourages the spread of germs throughout an area. It is important to keep your convector clean to avoid this but doing so will greatly reduce the likelihood of any issues.